Humanity? Humanity is known to all as the quality or a state of being human. The quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals. How many of us really stand 


up to the roots of humanity or try to understand and reflect. The increase in population and the educated youth with passion, top position, and power. But with these power, where has the humanity and its emotions of comfort and guilt been buried. With the power of wealth and status, we have blinded ourselves. For one’s out of your busy routine keep aside the power, position, and wealth and have a moment to give a thought and ask, “if I didn’t have the same power and position tomorrow. Will people of today be the same who guided and supported me for my materialistic and temporary things? And who will stand by my side and what value will I hold among them?”
Think for a moment and reflect. There will hardly be anyone around during those times and that’s when it will be too late to realize that your value as a person stands within a limit of wealth and power but not your emotions and humanity. Being a human with emotions of comfort and kindness will cost you nothing but it will reflect upon your future while the wealth does not stay by your side rather than having a pride and attitude that cost you your wealth and entire life in most case that you forget to make some time for yourself.

Humanity will pay us back depending on our intention, either in this life or the Hereafter. We look down upon each other’s religion and discriminate and blame. “Why is there so much hatred boiling up for others?” No matter what religious background we come from, we all have a basic principle in every religion and many would agree and also it is universal, to respect and be kind to every living creature on this earth (humans and Animals). All over the social media, we see distressing videos and news of the innocent men, women, and children who are targeted and on the other side we see acts of animal that have increased in kindness and present an example that where we stand as a human and what exactly are we presenting ourselves to every living out there. These reflect the thoughts and the changes that have taken place within us and sooner it will damage our own soul out of restlessness instead of having a feeling of content with our own soul. Make a difference, an act of kindness will not harm or cost you anything instead it gives us the comfort and relief. We are bounded with error and hatred within us but have we realized it doesn’t make this world a better place to live but it just harms our own soul by the end of the day.

We live in a world that has lost the meaning and value of innocents, a glimpse of these horrifying inhumane acts gets harder to express. A glimpse of the very horrifying acts being watched and shared all over the media shakes us, but what have these powers of dirty politics have to do with the bloodshed of innocent souls.  Do we hold a value of being a human just by seizing a right of other lives and wealth?

When you rise with success, don’t forget to uplift and appreciate the people who helped you in your journey and reflect on the act of kindness with every step. —

#voiceofasolacesoul #sm_writes4 

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