The Echo of desire and the unseen reality

FAIRYIndividuals are fenced with the norms and talks of a society and within these unsettling force and norms, we often overlook of what our Religion has a say about a particular matter. We are so focused with this worldly overrated pleasure which has no benefit at the end and as for the religion it teaches and guides you in an appropriate manner which not only benefits an individual in this world but also the Hereafter. A person may be gravely hurt if he gave away His heart to the people of this Dunya, time has changed plenty of things around and there is no doubt ! The life, people and every matter around the corner is no more the same as it used to be. Today, several young children’s are not spared from being a victim of child labor, rape and assault and where have the humanity been buried and absent-minded and where has a proper raise and education for these innocent children is. Young girls, married woman and widows are not even safe in the hands of society nowadays, the young brothers and men’s are being killed for an unknown reason and yet the society, politicians and their pride has silenced every vein that has witnessed these instants.

Time changes people, for those who have always been closed left us and taught us a greater lesson. People have been chasing for worldly pleasure, status in society, good looks and everything that needs to go smooth without damaging us in anyway. But people lack the understanding that we have been sent here to be tested for every achievement & loss, for every person who has been given more and less of wealth and status is in fact a test and how they balance and stay content for what they have been bestowed with is a trial from Him. While an individual is afflicted with hardship, we turn to Him for help and the moment the situation calms down, we step back and forget to appreciate His presence. In fact, every loss of a loved one and every new born brought to this world is a test and blessings hidden within them. We are blessed to have a religion like Islam and to be blessed with this religion is even a greater blessing. If we were really made for this Dunya and its pleasure, then indeed we have been gravely misguided just for the temporary pleasure that we overlooked the proper guidance that the religion has set forth. Today the people have been filled with so much arrogance and pride that they often look down upon an individual, the society and its norms has brainwashed and introduced so many clashes and disturbance that it hardly benefits the people in any good way. Don’t pull others down while you go up instead reach out a hand and help them rise, we lack a company of good people in this world now. The world and society will always teach us a greater lesson and why we shouldn’t be trusting them at the first place, the more you focus and dwell yourself in religion the lesser you will be hurt. This is what a temporary life is all about, utilize it in a way that will reflect back your soul and your outer appearance. —

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“We are living in the world where FANTASTIC BUT PLASTIC human being exists which can’t decompose by the soil only by the fire still it can harm our environment, normally violent crime committed by someone who really close to us are the victim.”

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  1. mariannecaye says:

    This is actually a lovely read! 🙂 Love your blog!


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