The Caged freedom and its Reality

There is bravery in being kind and soft spoken, not all of us are dosed with kindness and understanding. Everyone wants a peaceful and better living and yet we declare peace aloud but how are we really working on it and have we ever wondered that peace does not come from inhumane and dirty games of wars. We have overlooked to make peace with our own soul first and have enraged and caged our veins with a flow and circulatory of jealousy, desires, accumulating wealth by force and evil eyes against those whom we cannot applaud and stand for victory. As for the majority of the Muslim youth today, we are aware that this Dunya (world) and its tempting desires are temporary yet we pursuit like it was meant to be forever.


To be afflicted with a trial of good and bad is a lesson for every individual, be it in the form of people or materialistic crave of desires yet we do not learn from these experiences and trials and complain often and do not realize these trials that come in different forms are not meant to break and enrage us but to turn us back to our creator with an understanding of the purpose of this temporary life and that our heart turns to the Creator before our misguided and pride soul takes our life with regret.


“Kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury.”

Quran: Surah Al-Baqara [2:263]


A little world filled with temporary joy and sorrows with treasuring freedom, the laughter and giggles of the innocents and the pride suited grown-ups are all part of the freedom of the contemporary cage. With a caged freedom, we experience, learn and achieve. Failing to build ourselves into the actual form of who we are supposed to be has replaced us with a fake and egotism world. Ignorance of kindness and humanity has sealed and destroyed several lives, high literacy rate, educated youth and man power is needed and achieved by several countries but with such a literacy with no basic ethics of kindness and behavior is valued by many whereas those who work hard and stood on their own ability of success with kindness and behavior are often overlooked and ill-treated. The reality of today has an opposite result of each, “where peace is achieved through wars; humanity is attained through ignorance, rich vs the poor, innocents are labeled and targeted as victims with no evidence behind these killings, the world is watching and the hearts are dead and the actions are numb, sympathies are all over the social network, humans have stopped being kind to one another whereas the least expected kindness from animals are arising, we stopped learning to respect ourselves but learned to criticize others, we achieve materialistic things but failed to up bring ourselves as humans, the basic norm of every religion is to respect every living creature on this land but we are busy disrespecting and competing in religion and blaming, poor people are mistreated for their plead and honesty, rich people, and their popularity is applauded in large, a costly strap dress that barely covers a woman is admired by many for revealing her body whereas an ordinary covered woman is fined for covering her honor and respect as a woman, self-respect is unseen and money oriented diggers have raised, relations and commitments are least given importance, paper is important only if it was in the form of money and not a marriage certificate and commitment. Religion, gender and color discrimination is at its peak, competing with family and society out of jealousy and revenge has destroyed our value as a human instead of appreciating and being grateful for others happiness.”

What is the matter with us? Why can’t we reach out to the people irrespective of their color, gender, and religion with kindness and expect nothing in return except feeling content, why do we seek for money in return for an act of kindness instead of a simple “Thank you” in return? Why do we search for motivating quotes and watch inspiring videos of people helping others instead of turning ourselves into an inspiration for others? A simple start of kindness can be led through encouraging words. Why is it hard to utter good about someone, even though we all are struggling with different battle, a smiling and sorrowful face has deeper secrets than their expression. Inspire people in this caged lost world not by gaining popularity and respect among millions in this world but be one of those who believes in expecting a reward from His Lord rather than the people, be anonymous to the people but be someone to your Lord and replace your bad deeds with good, spread happiness and in return fill the bag with good deeds and not money for being kind. Respect yourself first and clear your intention.

“Even though it’s hard, but be an inspiration to someone in this lost world. Remember somewhere, someone is battling through something that may have broken them, don’t be a stress but be a helping hand and soothing words that can heal and make them rise again on hope. ” —

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