A silent struggle: in this Clamorous World

iloveyousoWe sit here silently and watch the world and people around us. The creations are suffering and silence within us is struggling that has left us speechless because of the cold-heart ruling and pride evil identities. There is a struggle, a story, a hope of victory, achievements, and bundle of joyful news waiting at every doorstep that left our sentiments numb. We are all born with an individual and separate identity and religion that we follow throughout our life, every religion and its teachings have one common goal to attain that is love, be respectful to others irrespective of their gender and religion, be gentle and soft-spoken, avoid violence and anger. As an individual we are challenged and pointed out at our living, our way of education and ethics, we are highly tied up with this world that we lose our state on consciousness for any matter that we are faced with, our problems get piled up for the

societies interest rather than having it resolved by ourselves. Islam does not teach us to be a trouble maker, burden and ruin up someone else’s life in return to have your own life at peace nor it says us to forcefully seize a property of any individual and enjoy your own life while destroying others peace and living. No matter how cruel this world and its people turn, there will be a heavy price to repay for every scar and right that was snatched away from the poor. A wish to be away from this world which carries its madness, violence and innocent’s pool of blood. A reason to walk out is to know and value the time left for me, to understand and know myself better than the judgmental aim and opinions with others. Life knocks you down to an extent that battles within your veins of distress, a comfort zone that your mind and soul beseech stays behind with misperception and idle.

The Desire of a peaceful reality is fantasized by many of us, some voice and thoughts that were buried at depth could barely make a comfort zone in this world, the bitter reality had to be accepted with the matter given of its own. For a moment, separate yourself from the chaos and hasty rush of this Dunya (world) and disconnect yourself from everything that links you with the people or any sort of anxiety. A moment to keep aside your problems and burdens that you carried for all these years, a time to have a moment of your own thoughts, peace, and reflection of yourself and soul to be visualized in front of this world:

“Behind this cold heart is a soul that struggles with its own infuriating deepness to comfort and be at peace during the night prayer. A child wishes to move around freely for its time to cherish and play instead of being victimized by killing and rape, a mother waits for her daughter to return home from school with joy and peace but instead, they are victimized of killing for gaining knowledge. Degrees and positions have been dominated by the young youth, but what value it holds when you lost to attain the degree and position for being a human without any wealth required. Majority of the people are greatly misguided and we have lost to value and respect people and gained value for the materialistic things of this world, kindness, and love that the world needs is replaced by hatred and violence, members are not safe in the hands of our people, gender violence and competing  each other is at peak, racism is a common act that is faced, a girl child is a burden, a daughter is victimized and enslaved and a wife is traumatized with beatings and valued as a material, we lost to value ourselves and destroyed other’s peace, we are brought up with double faced personality, our education and degrees are valued but where has the degree and ethics of humanity lost that requires no high fees, high class and fake attitude is displayed and dazed by many but why can’t we look around and display the reality and struggle of being a real person that the world needs, possessed with wealth and properties values you as a human but a middle and lower class people are valued in times of need or never and are blindly ignored, people often state “don’t judge a book by its cover” but the reality is every page is thoroughly judged and written by the people themselves and the best sellers of these books are praised without any research by the readers/follower themselves but the profit that they gain in this Dunya is without any realization that one day they need to repay for all the false chapters narrated, lend a helping hand not to gain something in return but being a good human will not lose our value or deeds by any chance, life teaches us endless lessons to struggle and survive as an individual, a simple marriage based on the Sunnah and less wealth spent is gossiped about, a luxurious and gleaming attracted marriages which take months and years of preparation are praised and considered blessed. A widow is judged and considered a stranger; a daughter without a father is looked down upon for her independent upbringing and career all by herself, but why have we become so judgmental when Islam itself gives the rights for a woman as an individual, a woman’s identity is formed all by herself.”

Why is it hard to respect and earn a respect from others? Why cannot we be an inspiration to many individuals out there who are battling on their lost paths and struggling to find the right move or end?

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