Have you been in a situation when you no longer feel yourself and what you turned into? There always comes a point in life where you go through a phase that just gets harder and harder with each passing day to survive the worse storm of being emotionally paralyzed. Those who are often surrounded by friends and families recover easily with a great support that helps them hold onto the strength and emotional bond that turn them lively again, but what about the generation now and those who isolate themselves with these situation or for those who have no one around to share the suffering and damage that has been caused. I know it’s extremely hard to live that moment in silence with so much suffocation where every detail that you recall chokes your existence and these situations are never as easy to overcome especially when you are alone and know that it needs to be fixed by yourself and not others. We try looking around for solutions to overcome or escape these situations and sometimes it’s easier to heal in a short time and sometimes that damage heals in months or year and sometimes never. There can be many reasons for being emotionally paralyzed; it can be work, family, studies, and much more. Sometimes these emotions make us feel so much that we end up feeling nothing at all and it’s one of the painful experience to go through and live that moment. Some of us turn extremely violent with no proper stability over oneself and there are few who distance themselves from the crowd and look for every possible way to heal and just be ok all by themselves.

It may not be an easy one but let’s give it a try on few tips to overcome an emotional breakdown:

  1. Trust Allah’s plan

When we rely on people and their actions that turn our world upside down, its then we need to realize at the end whom we need to rely on and why. Sometimes we just cannot understand His plans and purpose; people are the biggest test for our existence.

  1. Stop wondering

It’s really a hard phase to actually stop wondering/thinking about the trauma or breakdown that led you to this situation. We may sometimes not know the reason why it actually happened, but when you just sit back and silence yourself from the storm that’s when the puzzle solves on its own.

  1. Everything is Temporary

Emotions, thoughts, people, and scenery. Do not become attached, just flow with it. We all go through the worse trials in life that makes us want to stop living for a moment or go back and rectify the situation that caused you to turn numb. Remember, every phase, test, and experience in life passes and doesn’t stay the same tomorrow. Take a deep breath and take a step out when life knocks you down and turns the world upside down. It may be the hardest decision to make but sometimes stepping back and keeping quiet in this storm is the solution when someone expects you to be enraged in return. It surely helps! Try.

  1. Know it was never right for you

When something starts off wrong it doesn’t become right with time. This should discourage anyone from starting something wrong. If you’ve been unislamic from months/years, you can always repent and start a new path with the right intention and correct etiquette. Take a break and make the decision now, and don’t continue to walk and build on the same path that you started on at the first place.

  1. Let it all out

Talk to Allah and tell him how you feel, when you have no shoulders to cry on or someone to listen to you patiently, just go ahead and knock at the door and He will always be there to listen in whatever language you know how. Do whatever you can to get closer to Him. It may be hard but take some baby steps; He will always make you walk the right path with patience and Trust in Him.

  1. Do what you love

This might be the phase when you cannot easily engage yourself with activities you love but give it a try. Fill your time with things that will engage and fulfill you and keep yourself busy even if it means being away from chaos and keep your mind from being where it doesn’t need to be.

  1. Quit looking at the wrong place

For every matter and step in life keep Allah first. Let your love of Allah fill your heart. There is a fulfillment that you will never get from people that Allah can fulfill. High expectations from people will always lead you to disappointment and heart break and don’t fear of being alone or left out where you have no one by your side, sometimes you need to have a moment with your Creator to understand the purpose of this life and situations and people that turn you down.

  1. Make Dua’ for something better

You know when you are afflicted with a trial and there seems no escape always remember, the Prophets time and their test after test among the majority to guide and convince to lead them to the right path. They Believed and had full trust in Allah and yet never gave up for the sake of Allah. They always prayed for the betterment of those who have been misguided. When we are afflicted with a situation, we plan the best revenge possible or numb and disconnect ourselves from the world outside. Let’s change our perspective of these situations that we are often tired with, make some time for yourself and learn to love and build yourself for a better tomorrow. Try finding good in every bad situation and learn the lesson that it taught and move forward and do not make the same mistake twice.

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