Deep conversation with Right People


Deep Conversations with the right people are Priceless !

There are times when you feel the friends you are surrounded with, are sometimes not the ones who understand you better. People often tend to understand your problems or are curious to know your matter and leave without helping you solve it. We all have come across such situation where we need ourselves more than we need someone to help us sort our matters. When we are turned away from people, just know there’s always one person in silent watching and observing your changed behavior, and the time you feel helpless there’s always a call who is eager to listen to you, sometimes we just need people to be there who can listen to us in silence and not conclude by judging us and break us more. We all need support in silence, and not be judged for once. Let’s keep aside our judgments and listen to a friend/stranger silently, the world and reality is already a hard escape from being judged at every point, why reflect ourselves as chameleon that changes its color by manipulating cells and getting comfortable with different colors. Let’s be good enough and turn ourselves better as a person and not reflect as a majority and be counted among the priceless being with good soul and heart.

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