Enjoy the Little things !


Enjoy the little things !

Life won’t give us all that we want always, then why be upset about it? Let’s enjoy the little things around, just give it a try. The reality is hard enough to deal with, we all suffer and go through some battle in silent that no one knows about and we just wish to have someone listen to us for a while and make us understand, but why? Let’s explain ourselves instead that the world, people and all that we are going through won’t remain forever then why be upset about today and worry for tomorrow? Life was never meant to be easy, just bloom and differ from the crowd of reality that doesn’t let you breathe the goodness of this life. Surround yourself with people that brings happiness and joy to every moment of your life, don’t surround and roam with those with standards and status, that’s the only show which exist on social media, live with those who turn your reality alive and happy, if you can’t find them then be one such among the crowd. Stand in a separate queue of your uniqueness and happiness, even if it differs you entirely from your own people, just do it. Stop worrying about what society/ people have to say about your life, you be among them or you exclude from the circle, you will still be the talk of the society/town and this won’t ever stop.

Leave the glitters of opportunity and happiness in every surrounding that you pass by, let people talk about the good in you with this change. Don’t let little stupid things break your happiness. Just be yourself and live this life, as tomorrow won’t return and don’t live this moment with regret. Those who are meant to stay, open your arms and welcome them with all the goodness and those who cannot accept the person you are, just give them their space and pray that they receive more joy in their life that they forget to think worse about you. When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that’s what matter.


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