Empty Promises


“We live in a world that is built on empty promises constructed by liars” sounds familiar or have gone through it often? Yup, this is called life. Our mistake is that we have higher expectations from people or need that attention to be surrounded and praised by everyone, our expectations leads to a situation where we are promised for a better present and future not by ourselves but by others and those promises are constructed by liars who cannot help you give the best and least fulfill to what has been committed. Our lives are built on expectations, and with no doubt we all have been disappointed for once and have been lied to or turning away from promises. Surround yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in a bad company.

Coming across fake people is nothing new for all of us, changing colors like chameleon to escape a situation is the easiest act for most and we all have experienced, faking emotions and stabbing a real friend behind her back has been faced by many. We crave for a better bond with friends who can be real enough in this crazy world, someone who is righteous and trust worthy. Learn your lesson and don’t turn yourself fake in this world, the world needs better change with good and real people, so be one. And trust the new beginnings and let go of things that disturbs your peace ❤ Always remember, she who leaves a trail of glitter is never forgotten and don’t fool yourself with people wearing mask to display and the mask that you have no clue about.

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