Constant battle

Every day is a constant battle to survive🌦️

They make you feel worthless and useless. But ask yourself, how long will you hold onto this pain?

We are gifted with one life, why can’t we make out the best out of it.

Let’s stop living a life that you will regret when you grow old.

Ever wondered you have always been surrounded with easy and blessed life. There are patients lying on the bed for months & years in the four walls of the hospital battling to eagerly live another moment and breathe and feel the nature freely. Some have lost closed ones one after the other yet you still see them smile. Orphans grow with no one by their side, yet they make the surrounding more lively and blessed like they have known the art of happiness. We all have a silent battle that no one speaks about, no matter how happy and normal you try to be to the world outside, there is always a point where you are all by yourself with the thoughts and a secret that no one is aware of except God.

Learning to overcome a battle is never the easiest for some; learn to feed yourself with faith in God, love for yourself and truth.

Before you isolate yourself with the thought that only brings pain, remember that this life and moment will never repeat, build yourself to the point where you appreciate and accept your inner strength and beauty first.

Don’t let the talk of people make you step back to achieving and becoming the person you have the ability of. These talks only consumes you to the level where you start accepting yourself as a failure, but remember, the very same people won’t walk the path beside you. So remember your worth first and learn to value you capabilities before accepting failure and regretting the moment down the lane.

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