Grateful for every Trial

You never know what goodness God has placed in every trial we go through. Never forget, he does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear.

Some of us do not face trials often and some are afflicted with trials after trials, some do not understand the hidden blessings behind it. The beautiful part about trial is that, we gain faith in God more than the people who avoid us during the difficult moments of our life when we need them the most.

Just as people change their colors around the materialistic gain and status you carry in society, the moment you are left with nothing, turn around and see, you only have the true ones by your side whom you never bothered to even ask for their presence during your materialistic and praised status that you carried.

Be humble to the poor, they have the softest of hearts. They may not be rich by status or money but they are definitely rich by their hearts. All of us are destined to be who we are today, be it rich or poor but don’t let your pride today make you regret of the fall tomorrow among the wrong people who never for once were true with their intention.

Be grateful for every sort of trials that you are afflicted with, its never easy to cope up but its worth of a better ending and reward.

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