We all must have been judged at least once in our life, isn’t? Society is piled up to discipline and respect the differences and paths that we humans go through instead of judging let’s just try to understand and learn that everyone has an untold stories of pain that make them love and live life differently than us. Today, we are judged for our attitude, discipline, caste, religion, gender, age and race, no matter how perfect you transform yourself to fit in the society and please them there will always be one voice that stands against you. We live in a society where we are judged on what we wear, how we look, act and whom we hang around with.

People judge, they feel content to degrade someone’s character without trying to know or sit with them and ask, it’s a norm that follows in every family and society. The struggle and hard work of an individual is never seen, but the list of demands to fill other needs never seems to end. Judgments are passed if you are wealthy, poor, pretty, ugly, single, divorcee, widow and the list never ends. No matter how much you try to fit among people, you will always be talked behind your back. So stop suffocating and stressing the judgments, be happy of who you stand up for today. 💛

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