Materialistic Success & the Bloodshed of Innocents

Materialistic success is controlling the youth in every manner today even the emotions has controlled us from agreeing to disagreeing to materialistic that easily, our Imaan has become weak to that extend where we can’t distinguish between the right and wrong to the decision we make and later regret. Majority of people can be seen at one level today, where for once we cannot think of stepping back and neglecting to let a materialistic offer absorb us entirely, it turns into a hunger where one craves to get more and more and still not be pleased with it. The addiction to haraam destroys a person where deen is nowhere seen around the corner, it destroys our Imaan, our life in this dunya with a regret and later in Aakhirah. Today, people with truth are not respected and accepted in this filthy world where money speaks louder, the truth is nowhere to be heard. The success of materialistic is highly scored against the bloodshed of innocents today.


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