Never apologize for being yourself

Never apologize for being yourself 💛

You weren’t born to find your worth through someone else’s opinion, remember that.

No matter how much you serve others with the best of what you have, you’ll still not be appreciated. You might be a burning candle in someone’s darkest hour yet you will not be respected. You need to cut some ties with other people for your own good. Some of them are not essential for your growth.

Don’t hold onto the rope of opinions that hurts your own thoughts, let go of the rope and move on in life for your peace of mind.

Learn to breathe the fresh air, wake up each day knowing the true ones by your side appreciate your presence and look forward to seeing you smile, surround yourself with positivity and know that we only have one life to live and die, don’t isolate your pretty soul for certain people instead replace your isolation with happiness and strength.

The patients lying in the four walls of the hospitals for months and years crave to be out there and breathe normal once again whilst we isolate and damage our souls not realizing that every breathe counts to live and be happy now.

Live in the present before your own isolation ends your life.

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