Patience (Sabr) is a beautiful feeling where you continue to strive without complaining and control your emotions and actions when you can no longer hold onto them. Sabr changes our perspective towards life and the struggles ahead and is one of the difficult challenges that not everyone can accept and hold onto it for long. It’s a way of accepting your situation as God has planned, a way to strengthen your soul and teaches you to stay firm and not break. Every situation that we are faced with, be it losing your dear ones, struggling to keep up with jobs, marriage, career and so on, we end in a situation where we cannot take it any longer to accept and in some cases living gets tough, but we do not realize, trials are given to those who trust God’s plan, the time from our birth till our death we were not promised to have an easy life, struggles and coping with these struggles were always a apart of it, the conclusion is, true believers will always be tested in this Dunya; some with wealth and others with poverty, patience is meant to change ourselves, it’s a way of God giving you another chance to turn back to Him, the reward of patience lies with God.

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