The Control and freedom on the other side

We live in a society where we feel like we need to be in love or you are not actually living, these mindsets that a society plays makes you feel like it’s the only duty on this earth that we are born for. From a young age we are taught to play with toys or dolls that has one common setup, that a girl eventually has to be with someone in the future. These thoughts are later layered by the time we are adults. But the most important thing a society fails to teach you is to be in love with yourself before you can take a life changing step ahead. There’s so much this world has to offer, where you can pamper and love yourself. In several situation a girl’s life has a full control and a fullstop as per others but not as she wants, that’s where we fail at. A girl is controlled because her character gets pointed out in a blink, doesn’t she deserve to be happy or live her life to the fullest?

Why are such thoughts chained up for girls?

The common answer is, we are protecting them. But from whom and why, is always buried.

We are always little for others no matter how grown up you are, but why does that mindset still exist that a girl cannot make her own decision? She is little in the eyes of others but mature enough to settle down as per others decision? That’s biased.

Let her love herself more than chaining her throughout the life.

She has one life to live and to be herself just as you, don’t take away her little moments where she can for once be free with herself and make decisions. She grows mentally, emotionally and physically just as you, don’t consider her small or doubt her self-worth. She can be a daughter, wife and a mother who is fueled up with more emotions than you, don’t consider her a puppet or robot. She was born just as you and not to sacrifice her happiness and dreams for your sake, she deserves to learn and be taught at one level.

We put an end to education for most of the girls at certain age, but while she is expecting then why do we look for a female doctor to look into this? We are creating differences based on the society’s upbringing, but have a look at the rights of women in general and religiously and set your mind, they equally have more rights than what society has to limit and offer.

If you protect her for the right reasons then its worth it. But if you restrict her life, you are failing as a person.

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“You educate a man; you educate a man. You Educate a woman; you educate a generation.” – Brigham Young

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