No perfection needed

It’s ok not to be perfect. Yes, it’s totally fine, one should not live a life pleasing and settling as per the standards of other when you are more likely to be insulted and gossiped.

Don’t hold the fear within you, don’t turn a slave and don’t take the risk for others just because they got you at the tip of their knife to dominate and mistreat you without really caring where you end up.

Face your fears.

Face those who knock you down.

Face the storm that you’re afraid of, don’t expect anyone to come up and help you, people seek for their benefits in a situation more than being just a normal human for once.

Learn to let go and grow. Sometimes holding on to something that we feel is good for us is mostly damaging us, let go of the rope that you have been holding onto so tight, free yourself from it. Never look back to what damaged you, learn to accept the change and walk the path with ease and peace.

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