You can always start over

“Know this: You can always start over, each morning.”

There are moments in life when you are done explaining people of every WHY’s, WHAT ifs and so on. The only thing that you learn from it is that, no matter how many years you spent explaining them, they still won’t understand you. They will always play the role of victim despite the scene is JUST contrary. People never want to reach to the depth behind every NO that you say, and they walk over you like an open book. People want their sacrifices, compromise, commitments, and loyalty to be in the light between you and them, but never for once, you’re appreciated for the same when you do your best.

When the situation is obvious, and reasons of every NO are known, they still continue to be new at it like it’s all for the first time and wouldn’t mind if you lose other things in life over their demands of few hours but can’t agree for a NO. People always want their decision and reasons to be accepted, but when you crave to be heard, they make sure to bring up some plans to break you and to constantly step over your weakness to remind you that they have everything as per their standard and that you can be the easiest to be replaced. They confine your happiness, sadness, and plans as per their acceptance, if they’re happy about it then you gotta enjoy but if they object, you better not be happy with your plans just because they want it that way at the first place.

They make sure you get stalked; they make sure your happiness and sadness continues to be as per them, we all must have felt like a string-puppet where you are entirely controlled emotionally, mentally and so on.

But when you go against them, when you try to speak up, they make sure to break and threaten you to the level where they make sure that you are left with nothing but they barely know, that when threat drowns you to the level that it’s hard for you to breathe, that’s when the unexpected roar rises that can change everything to nothing in seconds. All you gotta do is remain silent, the right moment and the right year knows when to repay the damage and especially when they least expect it coming from you in years, Silence is the answer of all for now.

When you start being happy with yourself and start seeing your worth, you’ll often find it hard to stay around people who don’t. “They often leave you with a picture like, if you stay with them, you will have the most perfect and happy life, but if you decide to part ways, they will tell you all the negative shit like no one among million souls out there would ever understand or wish to be with a retard like you, Oh, they also object over your feminist attitude and imagine in their empty brains as no man would ever understand or be ready to accept you.” When they break the rules, you can step out and break more rules to enjoy and free yourself that keeps you happy all by your heart.

Know your worth; don’t give others the chance to keep stepping on your weakness that leaves you unstable and numb. Just know that chances can be given but when no change in behavior is found then you gotta stop explaining them every time about the mess they created and make you end at.

They will lose a diamond while threatening you for seeking for stones.

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