You’ve got to love yourself. I mean it!

You’ve got to love yourself. I mean it! 💛

You have got to wake up at 4 and feel the blissful moment that you are surrounded by and stare at the birds that are set to dive in the darkness of the dawn. You’ve got to come home after a bad day and let the shower cleanse your tiredness. You’ve got to stop taking everything so personally. Learn to appreciate and compliment someone who does not find any good about themselves and spread the positive vibes and attitude. You’ve got to stop letting yourself upset about the things that won’t matter in some years from now. Learn to be on your own, you’ve got to pick yourself and face the storm, you have to accept that some people are not made for deep conversations or hold you together while your world is falling apart. You’ve got to learn to pamper yourself. Let yourself free, be different and BE YOU.

Do things that you love all by your heart. Take a long walk by the beach, walk down the lanes that are filled with memories and little happiness that it brings to you. Eat your favorite street food that burns your throat and strikes happy tears while you take the first bite and why you stopped eating it at the first place. Wear your favorite summer clothes and be natural #nomakeup, learn to avoid any negative vibes that people have to offer. Go to your favorite bookstore and explore the world within. You’ve got to stop worrying about things that you walked out from. Learn new things each day or week. Get a makeover that makes you love and make you comfortable with yourself. Walk by the beach and sit for hours and connect yourself with the gushing of waves, the waves and nature has its own language to make you feel the beauty of silence. Watch the sunset and take yourself out to the yummiest restaurant that you always craved for, attack the food, slurp and burp and end the day. Wake up each day and learn something new, learn to read, paint, and explore things that you were never open about or shared it with anyone. Surprise yourself!

Explore the city, take the bus, explore lanes, explore the history, art, dance, visit museum, just take yourself out and be happy, live in the moment and surprise the surprise that’s hidden within you 💛

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