Hi there,

I am an ordinary writer who express of what life has taught me and about the people in general that I get to know, writing is not something that I do to please others or to have my opinion accepted by people with different thoughts. Writing is a part of who I am and when I don’t get to write I feel unresponsive and grudged like just enduring my life until I can break away from the mundane and start writing again. I enjoy expressing myself through writing; it is an incomplete feeling without it. When you have so much to raise your voice at for the different people around and what this world is turning into, there’s always a different side of us that no one knows and that’s what we enjoy the most and want to make things better for us and others.

For every roller coaster (life) experience, a secret of a writer’s soul and every thought that crosses the mind is written large in the writers work. I write to express my feelings and thoughts that I feel is fuming and not good for the life that we are living at. I pile up my thoughts on good and evil people that I am surrounded with, their attitude and kindness, the stories that inspire us and some that just blinds us from the humanity and kindness.

Struggles and heart breaks are a part of everyone’s life, but there is always a better ending and happiness around the corner. Be independent and educated woman/man but be an inspiration for someone today, guide them and be a helping friend that’s what we lack and that’s what this world needs the most.

I hope that every passerby who comes across my blog “VOICEOFSALWA” be inspired and enjoy. I hope to look forward to getting to know other creative souls out there.

 “For a person who often feels misunderstood, it surely feels good to have someone get you.”

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