The Caged freedom and its Reality

There is bravery in being kind and soft spoken, not all of us are dosed with kindness and understanding. Everyone wants a peaceful and better living and yet we declare peace aloud but how are we really working on it and have we ever wondered that peace does not come from inhumane and dirty games…

The Echo of desire and the unseen reality

“We are living in the world where FANTASTIC BUT PLASTIC human being exists which can’t decompose by the soil only by the fire still it can harm our environment, normally violent crime committed by someone who are really close to us are the victim.”
The crave of desire of this world is a temporary show of entertainment, where no soul benefits.


  Humanity? Humanity is known to all as the quality or a state of being human. The quality or state of being kind to other people or to animals. How many of us really stand  up to the roots of humanity or try to understand and reflect. The increase in population and the educated youth with passion, top position, and…